Advanced Web Development

Advance web development is developing web apps with lots of features for example dynamic user interface, log in section, online booking form and etc.  We will make sure all features are constructed properly and work together as a whole system.


Requirement Analysis
First, we need to know what the main features are for your website, what it can do and what you want to archive with this site.
Feasibility study
Once we know the features, we will do research on it regarding if it is possible and what the best approach would be to get it implemented, and what sort of resources it will require to make it happen. We will then communicate with you what we have found and listen to the feedback. Sometimes, we may be able to give more than one approach on specific functionalities so that you are able to choose one that suites you best.
Once we agreed on what to do, we will start working on it and be able to give an estimation on how long it will take.
Because it is a complicated web app, testing is necessary to make sure it works as expected, and this is also where we can find problems or bugs and get them fixed before it affects future customers.
Once the testing passed, we will push the site live and if any issue occurred, we are responsible to fix them for free.

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