Custom Design

If you want you web site to be custom designed, we will follow below steps to make this happen.


Requirements Analysis
At the very beginning, we need to know what kind of website you want to build. For example, what is the main purpose of building this website, who are the targeting customers. These are important for us in terms of building a successful website.
Design Phase
According to above analysis, we will provide a design with the latest and most popular design concepts in consideration of your practical business requirements.
Final Design
We will let you review the design and modify it upon feedback till you are satisfied with everything.
Start the Development
When all above items are confirmed, we will start the development process and we will let you know the estimation time in regards to when it will be finished.
Push to Live & Support
We are responsible to push the site live. If any bug or issue found, we will fix them free of charge.

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